Drum Roll! Credits...

The Death2Spam Project would never have got off the ground, but for the enormous amounts of enthusiasm, ideas, intelligence and assistance given me by loads of great people!

Paul Graham gets a huge vote of thanks for putting in so much useful and thoughtful effort on the anti-spam front.

The SpamBayes Project featuring a "cast of spambayes obsessive-compulsives providing ideas, heckling, and testing". A better bunch of hardcore spam-killin' geeks is hard to find!

Major kudos to Gary Robinson for elaborating and refining the "Bayesian" spam-detection techniques we're using in Death2Spam. The best hackers are always artists or musicians.

Special thanks to my good friends and colleagues Ross Lamont, Bill Hamilton, Peter Foye, Zac Sempers and Chap Harrison for all your excellent ideas, constructive criticisms, technical assistance, harsh testing, server hosting, and helping me polish off that last bottle of red.

Serious credit for our "zero-defect" software must also be given to the stalwart band of beta testers (you know who you are), who suffered through flaky servers, a zillion time-outs, weird bugs and peculiarities, not to mention all those strange "Disturbances in the Force".

Last, but definitely not least, the biggest thank you goes to my wife Wende, who has so graciously tolerated month after month of 18-hour work days, endless caffeinated ravings, no weekends, single parenting, excessive stress, and generally being a spam-widow. I deeply appreciate your love and support.